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Nothing Says Welcome and Hospitality More Than a Beautiful Front Porch!

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Hello friends! I love the front porch and wish we were sitting there together right now drinking our coffee or diet coke or tea, enjoying a sweet treat, and sharing our stories. The porch is my favorite place to sit, take a breath, and connect with Jesus every day. In nature is where I experience Him most... like watching a beautiful Texas sunset that reminds me He is right there in all the beauty of that moment and in all the chaos of my crazy life.
My love for the front porch began at my Grandparents house where our families would gather on the porch and share stories for hours. I would grow up to have my own front porch where I would spend many days watching life unfold around me as kids grew and memories were made... most of them sweet, some messy, but mostly how God met me right there every day, in a rocking chair, working on a wounded heart in desperate need of a miracle. 

And a miracle is what He did.  God redeemed the pain of my past and set me free to share my story... a story of how the hidden secrets of past abuse and abortion impacted every part of my life. In sharing my story, I want other wounded hearts to know they are not alone. It was a brave woman who told her story that opened my eyes to see I was not the only one... and that changed everything for me.

Our stories matter.  Never be ashamed of yours -- it just may become your greatest gift in helping others.   

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One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will become someone else's survival guide. 


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Healed People, Heal People.

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