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Never Underestimate the Power of a Story!

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Hey Y'all...

Welcome to my little corner of Texas. I don't know about you but I love the front porch.  It is my favorite space for quiet time with Jesus or hanging out with friends and family drinking iced tea, coffee, or diet coke as we share stories and catch up.  I especially love watching a beautiful Texas sunset that leaves you breathless and saying, "God's masterpiece right there!"

I have always loved listening to stories, maybe because I grew up in a family that loved telling them. I believe stories are important to the world and have the ability to impact lives... especially the honest, vulnerable, and relatable stories that move our hearts and tell us we are not alone.  It was a similar story told that opened my eyes to see that I was not the only one.

I am not afraid now of telling my own story of how the pain of abortion and abuse impacted my life if it helps someone else choose a different path, leads a wounded heart towards healing, or helps bring hope to a hurting world. Our stories matter! Never be ashamed of yours... it just may become your greatest gift in helping others. 

Peace,  Terri 


The story you tell about that mountain you climbed may just become the survival guide for someone wanting to give up. 

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