Life is better on the Front Porch

Our stories connect us and create a sense of belonging  
saying we are not alone.



Hi Friends,


The Front Porch has always been my favorite place to hang out. A rocker adorned with colorful cushions and pillows invites me to slow down, breathe, and connect with nature, God, and my people.  My love for the porch goes back to early memories of my grandparent's house in the '60s when all the family would have a meal together around the big table and then head out to the front porch to relax with a cup of coffee or tea enjoying sweet conversations together and with neighbors passing by and joining in.  It was family and community connecting with one another on that porch that drew my heart in. 


I grew up to have my own Front Porch where a lot of life would happen for many years.  My rocker gave me a front-row seat to the everyday comings and goings of our sweet and sometimes messy life and became a place of refuge for this wounded heart of mine in desperate need of a miracle.  And a miracle is just what God would do as He met me there every day laying a foundation of truth for me to stand on now and some difficult days ahead.  


I would love for you to join our Front Porch community as we all need the authentic relationship and support of others to say~ we are not alone in the messy. It is truly how God created us to be.


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To see broken hearts healed and set free as we create community and cultivate a purpose.  


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Has your heart been wounded by past abuse, abortion, or divorce?

You are not alone.



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