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"Healing began the day I told my story".

Tell your story.  Impact Lives.  Change the world.

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The best stories told are when God takes our greatest pain and then sets us free to live out what He purposed for us to do... for such a time as this. 

Years ago I asked God to let my heart be broken with the things that break His-- not knowing that He would use my own abortion wounded heart to do just that.  While gently walking me through layers of healing, He began to fuel a passion in me to tell my story and help lead other broken-hearted women towards healing and purpose. I believe God loves us too much to keep us stuck in all that pain and grief.  He wants our hearts healed and set free. 

I hope you will join me and others on the Front Porch as we share openly and truthfully about our journeys through pain and brokenness-- into healing and freedom-- then to a life of purpose.  Everyone deserves the healing of a broken heart.   

You can read my "Beauty from Ashes" story on the blog. 

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Be part of a community that talks openly and compassionately about the devastating impact that abortion has on the1-in-3 lives of women and men, their families, and on the generations to come.  I believe our abortion-wounded stories are the true battleground for that change.  Join me in making a real difference for LIFE.

Email me at Terri@FrontPorchGirl.com - Subject: Let's Talk About It


 "Don't be afraid for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are mine!" 

Isaiah 43:1 

Did you know that 1-in-3 women have been impacted by a past abortion?  You are not alone! Abortion's grief and shame often get buried deep inside a woman's soul and show up in many destructive ways throughout her life. If you are tired of living with the stuffed pain, please reach out to me today!  Healing is available for all abortion wounded hearts.


Consider being a part of our community support group that moves towards healing, freedom, and purpose.  You are safe and loved here.

*No fees.

Are you in an unexpected pregnancy feeling overwhelmed and scared? I understand just how you are feeling... I've been there! I would love to talk with you, listen to your concerns and discuss all your options openly and honestly. Remember, things are never as bad as you may be feeling right now. You are stronger than you know.


Virtual Meetup: FaceTime or Zoom

DFW Meetup: Coffee-Time 

*No fees.

Friends Having Coffee

Life-Coaching is available for women who desire to move out of pain and "stinkin-thinkin" mode and into a new life of freedom, joy, confidence and purpose. Email me for a consult. 

- Pain to Purpose


- Changing Your Mindset


- Discovering Your Purpose


- Healthy Living:



  *Thriving After 50

  *Thriving Through Menopause


*Fees per Session.  





To bring a message of hope, healing and purpose into the hearts of all abortion wounded women and men.  


To end the desperate need to choose abortion over life-- through education awareness and a community that puts down the stones and becomes the hands and feet of Jesus... the real life-giver.




Shirts that speak life!

It's time to put down the signs and stop politicizing abortion... these methods don't work.  Telling a girl to choose life instead of abortion won't change the circumstance of her unwanted pregnancy, but people being the hands and feet of Jesus can. 

... is a political movement


... is an action movement for Life


Part 1... 

The Introduction...

Part 2... 


Healing can be a long and ever-growing process and for someone like me who needs to stay in control of her emotions and conquer the pain quickly...

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