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Hey Y'all,

Welcome to my little corner of Texas. I'm Terri, the Front Porch Girl, and yes--- I love the front porch!  Nothing quiets my spirit more than sitting on the porch in my rocker, taking a breath, sipping a diet coke, and connecting with nature and life going on around me... and my favorite is watching a beautiful Texas sunset that reminds me God is right there in the middle of the beauty and the chaos.

I have always loved listening to stories, maybe because I grew up in a family that loved telling them. Stories connect us and take our hearts on these amazing journeys that will often leave us changed.  My favorite are redemption stories... women testifying to going through tremendous pain and grief and now living healed, free, and finding new purpose.  It was that same familiar story told by a brave woman that opened my eyes to see I was not the only one, and knowing that changed everything for me.

I am no longer afraid to tell my own story of how the pain of abuse and abortion impacted my life if it helps someone else have the courage to choose a different path, or speaks life into a wounded heart by saying you are not alone but are loved by a God who loves redeeming hearts... not condemning them.  Our stories matter! Never be ashamed of yours because it may just become your greatest gift in helping others. 

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One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will become someone else's survival guide. 

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