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Hi Friends...

Some of the best stories told are when God takes our deepest wounds then reveals His heart for us, leaving us changed forever.  These miracle stories can shine light into the cracks of a shattered heart and become a lifeline to someone hurting, isolated, and feeling they are the only one.  It was the vulnerability and truth of a woman's story that spoke life into my own broken heart and opened my eyes to the possibility that I was not alone in the painful secrets of my past.  We all need the authentic community of shared stories to feel a sense of belonging and that we are not alone.  It is truly how God created us.


I hope you will join us on the Front Porch as we talk openly and truthfully about the good - the bad - and the ugly seasons of life.  Every story has the power to change the direction of someone else's story.  In a world full of darkness, be the light!


Always Speak Life, 


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To see broken hearts healed and set free as we create community and cultivate a purpose.  


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Have you been impacted by a past abortion?

If you have been hiding in the secret of a past abortion, I want you to know that you are not alone. 1-in-3 women have had an abortion leaving many traumatized and deeply wounded, including me.  And for every woman, there is a man involved. Abortion healing is available.  Read more here...



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Stories break isolation, connect us, and create a sense of belonging.