1-in-3 women have experienced an abortion... and for every woman, there is a man. If you are a 1-in-3, you are not alone!  Millions of women have made the same painful decision to have an abortion and suffer the unexpected heartache and grief that follows after such a loss.  Men are also speaking out about the regret and pain they feel for their role in the abortion decision. 


The 1-in-3 are our mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends, ministers, worship leaders, bible study leaders, and women sitting next to us in church... most holding on to their secret in fear of judgment and rejection.  The same holds true for the men involved -- our sons, husbands, fathers, etc...  Sadly, the secret of an abortion lives in most households.


Since abortion is not openly or safely talked about in our culture or churches, the secret is tightly held leaving her to carry a heavy burden of silence deep inside her soul for many years... some for decades... some for life. This secret turns into shame which can take on a life of its own leaving her hidden, isolated, disconnected, and feeling unworthy. Guilt, shame, and condemnation all stand guard at the door to her soul allowing no one to fully know who she truly is.

Abortion can hurt all involved, but for the woman who was created to give life, not take it away, the pain can be destructive and show up in many different ways.  If the grief is not dealt with, it will eventually deal with her.  Listed here are some of the ways abortion has affected the lives of so many women.


PTSD, Insomnia, Nightmares, Sadness, Shame, Anger, Regret, Grief, Anxiety, Guilt, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm, Suicide- & Suicidal thoughts, Triggers, Substance Abuse, Isolation, Failed Relationships and more.



 * The majority of women who choose abortion, have an upbringing with some sort of dysfunction, trauma, or abuse.

 * Healing the abortion wounded is at the forefront of ending the demand for abortion.

 * 50% of women who have an abortion will have additional abortions. 

 * Healing helps end the cycle of ongoing generational abortions.

 * 70% of women who chose abortion indicate they are Christian with a religious upbringing.

 * 45% remain in church unhealed and silent.

 * 90% of women don't know where to go for abortion healing.

 * Messages of hate and murder around the abortion topic keep the wounded silent and hidden.

 * Abortion is not a political issue. Laws don't change hearts. Love changes hearts. Hearts change the world.    

It is important that we start talking openly about abortion -- especially in our homes, with our children, our churches, our youth groups, and our communities.  If we are not discussing the consequences of sex outside marriage, unprotected sex, unplanned pregnancies, and abortion trauma with our kids, abortion will continue to be a crisis and affect the lives of so many women (and men) for generations to come.  Our homes must be a safe place for our children to land in any kind of crisis... especially an unplanned pregnancy. 

I pray we start opening our hearts to hear the broken stories of the abortion wounded so that we may have more compassion and grace and begin to see where the real root of the abortion crisis lies and move towards a Pro-women & Pro-love movement... just as Jesus did.  


We must be a movement of love, redemption, and hope -- not just focused on the unborn life but on the life of the woman who ends up in an unwanted pregnancy, desperately needing protection and support.    

If you are experiencing the pain and regret of a past abortion, please feel free to contact me.  Help and healing are available.  You deserve the healing of a broken heart.

Email me privately at Terri@FrontPorchGirl.com

If you are a church, a ministry, or missions interested in starting an abortion healing program, please contact me at Terri@FrontPorchGirl.com