This Is Me...

Texas Girl

I am a TEXAS girl born & raised in the '70s - when the music was great, hair was big, clothes were colorfully bold, and shows like The Brady Bunch, The Waltons, Andy Griffith, and Little House on the Prairie were our weekly favorites. My first car was a 5-speed bright yellow Pinto equipped with a CB radio and 8-track tape player playing my favorites... Helen Reddy, Carpenters, BeeGees, The Oakridge boys, and more.  What's not to love about the '70s!

I love the sun and all activities outdoors...  walking, biking, hiking, skiing, etc... Being out in God's creation breathes life into my soul.  T-shirts and flip-flops are my daily go-to's.  Tex-Mex, chips & salsa and diet coke are my favorite foods.  

I am a planner at heart... Southern Texas hospitality is in my soul thanks to my Grandmother who was the greatest servant I know.


I have 4 adult kids with the baby graduating college this year (2021).  I am an empty-nester now trying to adjust to a new normal of life without kids in the house.  

Front Porch Girl

Life is better on the front porch. It has always been my favorite place to hang out with a coffee or diet coke and if I'm lucky- a sweet treat and a sweet friend. My love for the front porch goes back to the earliest memories of my grandparent's house in the '60s when all the family would have a meal together around the big table and then later head out to the front porch to relax with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy sweet conversations with each other and all the friends and neighbors passing by.  It was the kindness of a community connecting and sharing life on that porch that drew my heart in.  I grew up to have my own Front Porch where a lot of life took place... some of it sweet and some salty with a mix of messy, but mostly about how Jesus met me there every day working on a heart that was in desperate need of a miracle.  I hope you will join me on the Front Porch as I share my story of how God took all the pieces of this messy broken heart and breathed beauty back into the ashes. 

*Although I have moved and don't currently have a front porch to visit and work from, we can pretend.  I will keep you updated as I search for my new home and Lord willing it will have that spectacular front porch that I've been dreaming about.


I am a dreamer with an entrepreneurial spirit having had many different businesses in life. Some have called it crazy... I call it adventurous!  But all of these wild and crazy experiences have equipped me for the biggest adventure of all... Front Porch Girl. 

Education & Certifications -

-- Interior Design 1985

-- Aerobics & Fitness Instructor 1987

-- Event Planning &- Travel Agent 1992

-- Fitness Trainer 2009

-- Nutritionist  -  Health & Wellness Life Coach 2009

-- Diploma in Christian Counseling 2019

-- Certification in Grief & Loss Counseling 2019

 Always Speak Life 

Front Porch girl - Dallas, texas