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 1. "JOURNEY THROUGH THE WILDERNESS" -- Are there times that you feel lost and alone and disconnected from the world? Perhaps you are carrying the heavy burden of guilt and shame from a secret hidden deep inside?  Join me in this live session as I share my story about a young girl whose heart was broken, isolated, and hidden in the shame of her past secrets for nearly 40 years. But then God...   After signing up, you will receive additional information. 


 2. ABORTION HEALING WORKSHOP --  If you have been through the pain of a past abortion and want to heal and move into a life of freedom and purpose, this workshop is for you.  Join this community of the 1-in-3 women who have been wounded by the trauma of abortion and desire new life with purpose.  After signing up, you will receive information on the workshop. 


  3. ABORTION SUPPORT GROUP -- Join our group of supportive and compassionate women who have been wounded and healed from a past abortion and are now doing life and cultivating a purpose together.  



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 If you are interested in being a part of our upcoming weekend healing retreats, please sign up to get your name on our list. We will have limited availability per session.  I will keep you informed as the plans unfold and more information is available. I am excited about hosting these events.  I promise you will not want to miss out.    


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