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A Texas Girl...

I am a Texas girl, born in the '60s and bred in the '70s!  I grew up in a small central Texas town that loved high school football and Friday night lights. We had some of the greatest music of all time, wore hip-huggers and bell bottoms, Farrah Fawcett and Dorothy Hamill hairstyles, roller-skated to disco, two-stepped to country music, and gathered at the drive-in movie theater on hot summer nights.  My first car was a sporty 5-speed yellow Pinto which many days lived up to her lemon color but when she ran, she was fast, loud, and gave me a sense of freedom and escape... and I loved her! 

I love the Texas sun and being outdoors running, biking, walking, hiking, skiing, and watching sunsets on the porch.  Being in God's creation breathes life into my soul.  I live in t-shirts and flip-flops and my favorite foods are Tex-Mex, Chips & Salsa, and Diet Coke... of course! 

I am a "creative" that loves exploring new ideas, experiencing new places, meeting people, and hearing their stories. Hospitality runs through my blood thanks to my Grandmother who exampled hospitality every day and was the greatest servant I know. She also had a "gift" of storytelling!

My passion is telling my story and helping women navigate and heal from past heartbreak and trauma.  Come as you are... ALL are welcome to the table. You are loved! 



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I have heard many stories of pain and heartbreak that women secretly carry deep inside, often leaving them numb, disconnected, and standing at the edge of a cliff. I walked along the edge of that same cliff for many years feeling unseen and unknown by those around me, fearing rejection if they knew who I really was.  I had a wounded heart living in exile, convinced God had turned away from me and would never see or love a girl like me.
His name is "El-Roi" ~The God Who Sees Me~ and my story is about what God can do to a human heart shattered and tethered to the many hidden secrets of a painful past. I am not the same as I was. I have been changed by the One who sees, pursues, heals, and loves me more than my human heart could ever know or understand.  God brought me out of exile and set me free to share my story -- a story of how abuse and abortion impacted my life and the miracles Jesus did to redeem the shattered pieces of this broken heart.  

I love sharing my pain--to--purpose story. It brings a message that Jesus still works miracles today and I know this because I am His miracle story. I want women to experience the same life changing redemption, freedom, and miracles. I want them to experience Jesus.

*Online or *In-Person


Certified Christian Counselor, (AACC)

       ~Specializing in Trauma, Grief & Loss

  Certified Health & Wellness Life Coach & Nutritionist


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