Hi, I'm Terri!

I'm a Texas Girl...


...raised in the 70s with GREAT music, Farrah Fawcett hair, hip-huggers, Disco, Pong, rotary-dial phones, and my favorite, Donnie Osmond.  My first car was a 5-speed yellow Pinto named the "the rocket"  (nuff said) installed with a CB radio and 8-track tape player. Oh, the stories I could tell you about that car!

I love the sun and being outdoors-- running, biking, walking, hiking, skiing, and time on my front porch.  Being in God's creation breathes life into my soul.  I live in t-shirts and flip-flops and my favorite food Tex-Mex, Chips & Salsa, and Diet Coke.

Hospitality is my heart and soul thanks to my Grandmother who was the greatest servant I know.


I am a dreamer with an entrepreneurial spirit and love the adventure of a new idea and breathing life into it. 

I've raised kids over the past 40 years and am now officially an empty nester so I spend my days reinventing the old life into something new. 


I am a girl loved by Jesus who knows extravagant mercy and deep forgiveness.

I am not who I was.  I am changed by a God who pursues wounded hearts and works miracles.  I am His miracles story.

I now know I am enough for God and my hustle for worthiness ends at the cross.

Shame kept me hidden in the dark most of my life until Jesus stepped in and changed everything, breathing life and freedom into my soul.

I am honest about my life -- mistakes and all -- because I now understand Jesus came to save us, not condemn us.  No one can ever take that truth away from me. 


In a cruel and judgemental world,  I love helping women untangle their self-worth and identity and secure it in the one who created them, leaving them to live free and authentic lives... not perfect ones.

After walking me through healing, God asked me to tell my story of what He did for me so that the broken-hearted will see that He is good and only offers love and forgiveness, not eternal punishment.   

Sharing My Story

I love sharing my story!  In a time when women feel isolated, depressed, broken, and looking for hope, our stories will often shine a light into the cracks of a shattered heart and become a lifeline to those feeling that they are "the only one".  My passion is to encourage women to let go of the shame that keeps them hidden and find true belonging in who they were created to be.  This belonging breathes new life into a woman's soul and will set her on a path of freedom and purpose. 
If you would like to schedule me to share my story with your group, please contact me here, or email me directly. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Certified Christian Counselor, (AACC)

       ~Specializing in Trauma, Grief, and Loss 

  Certified Health & Wellness Life Coach