I am a Texas girl -- born in the '60s and bred in the '70s which (I believe) had the greatest music of all time. We loved Farrah Fawcett hairstyles, colorful hip-huggers, hot pants, & bell-bottoms, disco & country dancing, drive-in movie theaters, rotary-dial phones tethered to the wall, vinyl records, Pong, The Waltons, Andy Griffith, and my favorite...  Donnie Osmond!  My first car was a 5-speed yellow Pinto which certainly lived up to its lemon color and seldom got me to where I was going without trauma! But I loved her because she was mine and gave me speed and independence... when she ran!  

I love the Texas sun and being outdoors-- running, biking, walking, hiking, skiing, and watching sunsets on my porch.  Being in God's creation breathes life into my soul.  I live in t-shirts and flip-flops and my favorite foods are Tex-Mex, Chips & Salsa, and Diet Coke... of course! 

I am a "creative" with a wanderlust spirit. I love new ideas, new adventures, and experiencing new places. I love meeting people and hearing their stories.


Hospitality runs through my blood thanks to my Grandmother who was the greatest servant I know.



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Beauty Out of the Ashes

I hear the same story over and over again of women secretly feeling broken and alone and many days standing at the edge of a cliff. Like them, I was living life numb and walking alongside that same cliff, unseen and unknown by those around me -- believing that the God I knew would never see a girl like me.  I stood at the edge of that cliff not long ago feeling the full impact of all the scattered debris of my past, and all I could do was scream out to God, "WHY... why did you leave me?"

His name is "El Roi" -- the God who sees me -- and my story is about what God can do to a human heart shattered and tethered to the many hidden secrets of a painful past. It's about miracles and redemption and freedom.   

I am not the same as I was. I have been changed by the One who sees, pursues, heals, and loves me more than my human heart could ever understand or know.  I tell my story so that others will see and believe that they are loved and not alone.  Knowing you belong to the One who created you will breathe life into your wounded soul and change everything... this I know!   



"A Girl Like Me" 
A testimony of the miracles Jesus did to pursue, heal, and redeem the hidden secrets of my painful past. 

"Mind, Body, Spirit"
Health & Wellness for Women. 


Certified Christian Counselor, (AACC)

       ~Specializing in Trauma, Grief & Loss

  Certified Health & Wellness Life Coach & Nutritionist