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What will the world miss if you don't share your story?

Some of the greatest stories told are when God takes the messy and shattered pieces of our lives and makes Beauty out of the Ashes. Many of us are carrying heavy burdens of guilt and shame from the secrets of our past and feel like we are the only ones. Our secrets keep our hearts hidden and isolated from having the very thing we desperately need and were created for... community and belonging. We believe if people knew who we really are, we would be rejected... and data shows us that rejection is our greatest fear. 

Truth is, we all have fears and secrets and regrets. But when brave and vulnerable women can stand up and share their powerful stories of pain, regret, shame, and survival, hearts are touched and lives changed.  These stories tell us that we are not the only ones and give hope that we can rewrite a new ending to the old story. God loves redeeming old stories and writing new endings.  What is your story? And what will the world miss if you don't tell it?  

When you tell the story of the mountain you climbed and survived, it could become a survival guide for someone else in the fire.

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